Q: How can I copy a text or the composition of a price between articles or between activities?

A: The system uses the copy / paste mode of windows. For example, to copy the composition of the cost of an item, place the cursor on the price of the source item, do Ctrl + C, place the cursor on the destination item and do Ctrl + V.


Q: Does the program have no option to save the budget or the database?

A: No, since it is a system that uses Databases technology, where the files are virtual, that is, the reading and writing of the records is done directly on the computer's disk


Q: Is it possible to work with more than one database?

A: Yes. Go to Files-Databases-New / Open and create or open another database. However, it is advisable to use this system only in very different work areas, for example, in a company that performs water and sewage installations and electrical installations. In any case, a good structuring of the Groups of this database is essential for the good organization of activities and resources.


Q: What are direct prices?

A: Direct prices are the prices entered directly by the user in the budget (without composition using resources) and referring to a type of direct price. Direct prices are normally used in the introduction of unit prices for subcontracts that have a large number of unit prices, for example, in electrical installations or in aluminum. It is possible to simultaneously introduce a direct price and a cost composed of activities or resources in the same item in the sales list.


Q: How to insert margins in several articles at the same time?

A: Use the mouse to select the items in question and enter the new margin. If you want this margin to affect all articles, you will have to select them all, just click on the column header 'margin'.


Q: What does it mean to repair or compact the budget or database?

A: As with any database system, it can become corrupted if there is a power failure when recording a record. If you experience any problem in the operation of the program, make this option. The compaction of the database has to do with the defragmentation that occurs due to the continuous insertion and deletion of records. In databases with a high number of records, it is advisable to perform this operation periodically to improve the performance of the program.


Q: How to change the data in the Database?

A: The modification of the database you are working on is done directly. However, you must register as a system administrator. To do this, go to (Databases / Tools / Security) and change from normal user to system administrator. If you wish, you can create a password to prevent changes to your Database by other users. As long as that password is not created, the password is the number '0', visible to all users.



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