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Visualorc was specially developed for intensive work in companies competing for public works and works contracts. The import of the unit price list to the contest is done immediately, by simple copy / paste operation from any type of editable file, or by importing an excel file. The database technology allows the user to have information at all times about the amount of resources that are part of his budget, making it possible to change the prices of each resource and each activity in order to optimize the unit prices that he is composing. The organization of resources and activities by groups ensures the consistency of information throughout the budgeting process

Price Composition

The composition of prices in visualorc can be performed by creating resources and / or activities in the budget itself, by importing from a database, or by directly introducing prices (direct prices).

The application has been optimized to offer quick use of all resources in the development of the budget. Advanced users use shortcut keys for the most common operations, with a clear gain in productivity.

Visualorc includes numerous features such as copy / paste price composition, selection of smart groups, duplication of resources and activities, explosion of activities, automatic creation of composite and subcontract prices, export to the database of prices and budget features as well as price updates, as well as many others.

Introduce direct prices from external lists

Visualorc facilitates the introduction of prices from external lists, such as proposals from subcontractors, tabulated prices, etc. The import works by pasting a set of prices. For example, if the listing originates from an excel file, just select the price set you want to enter in the budget, perform the "copy" operation (using the "Ctrl + C" keys) and then in the visualorc, position it in the location of the first item on the list and click on the "Copy Direct Prices" button. If the source list comes from a PDF file, the column containing the prices to be copied must be selected (for this purpose, in Acrobat Reader, select with the mouse holding down the ALT key, one page at a time), and then enter the prices in the visualorc in the same way as in the case of an excel file. After copying the first price to the visualorc, the following ones are automatically copied by pressing and holding the "Enter" key.

Assign budget margins

In Visualorc, margins can be assigned in several ways:


by direct entry in each item (or set of items) of the unit price list, working with the "margin view" view


by "differential" margins, giving each type of resource a differentiated margin. It is possible to introduce different margins for materials, labor, tasks, subcontracts and direct prices. In this option, the application calculates, for each item in the price list, the resulting margin taking into account the weight of each type of resource in the item.


or by chapters, giving each chapter of the price list a different margin.


Visualorc allows the quick elaboration of work plans, labor, equipment and respective payment plan, based on budget data. The planning tasks are obtained from the budget chapters, and sub-tasks can be added for a better detail of the plan. In preparing the work plan, the user only has to assign durations, locate tasks in time by dragging the bars or by applying precedence between the various tasks. Visualorc automatically determines the critical path of the plan using the Pert-CPM method. The payment plan is obtained immediately and automatically from the budget data, without requiring any user intervention. All data can be exported to MSProject.

Labor and Equipment Plans

Workforce and equipment plans are developed in Visualorc planning, assigning adequate resources to the desired tasks. The application allows the constitution of standard teams, constituted by several manpower and equipment resources, allowing the user to quickly introduce the desired resources in the planning tasks.

Measurement Records and Comparative Maps

The measurement reports in Visualorc are prepared from the list of unit prices, creating an autonomous file of records. In preparing the report, the user only has to upload the desired quantity in each item of the price list, providing the application with all information such as accumulated amounts, balances, etc. Auto printout is immediate, with automatic print settings. Auto files can also be created to track supplier invoicing from comparative analysis maps.

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